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Niamh Brennan

While initially Niamh completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Justice at Queensland University of Technology as her tertiary education, she was always searching for a creative outlet. During Niamh's university studies and time working as a lawyer in Victoria and Queensland, she simultaneously undertook creative courses in drawing and fashion illustration.

Eventually Niamh directed her creative outlet towards interior design and property development. It was while studying at the Australian Institute of Creative Design that she discovered her passion for surface and textile design and formed a close friendship with her now business partner, Sonya Romeo.

"I always strive to give people a great sense of warmth in their homes by surrounding them with gorgeous pieces that enhance feelings of relaxation and calmness. The challenge has always been finding products with longevity that replicate feelings of contentment in both indoor and outdoor living environments. 

We set out to create durable yet luxurious and unique fabrics. Our fabrics and products are the culmination of years of experience and of knowing what works well. I hope you enjoy our collection of beautiful fabrics and accessories and that they inspire you to create your own stunning stylish sanctuaries".

Niamh Brennan

“Niamh’s attention to detail and distinctive, soulful designs make her an exciting designer. She has an incredible talent of incorporating classic style with the latest international trends.”